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TopStore VIP app is available for download. Android and iOS phones can install it for free. Top Store is a great option to get paid apps, jailbreak tweaks and customizations on your iPhone or Android smartphone…

TopStore Download

If nothing work, and still you want Cydia alternative or jailbreak environment without actually jailbreak or without alter your iOS, you can go with TopStore. Bunch of different different apps and tweaked games make TopStore ultimate candidate as an alternative to Cydia.

Wanted free apps? TopStore is for you.

Wanna download?

Let’s dig into it.

TopStore Download Link

You just need to do some tricky tasks to finish installing and downloading process on your iOS iPhone. Top Store is really a best unofficial app store for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

  • Download TopStore configuration file.
  • Your iOS will start downloading configuration file when you’ll tap to download or install button.
  • Once download finished, installation process will start or just hit install button later downloading TopStore.
  • Once you’ve app on your home screen, you need to trust or verify enterprise developer certificate to avoid enterprise developer error.
  • To trust it search Profiles on Settings app under General section.
  • Trust or Verify to use Top Store app.


Top Store app features

Unlike other VIP app or pro apps, Top Store app doesn’t charge anything for providing installation of paid or free apps.

  1. Wide range of iOS are compatible including iOS 13.
  2. Tweaked apps which were available after jailbreaking on Cydia.
  3. Modded Games. These are the games which are specially developed with few must have features and powers.
  4. Plus Plus apps. Who don’t wanna try WhatsAPP++, Spotify++ or Instagram++?

TopStore not working?

There is no guarantee that how long these third party will work on any particular iOS firmware. TopStore iOS 13 is working normally, however, if you’ve issues or not working, you can follow below steps.

  • Delete TopStore if it is already installed on your iOS.
  • Install again following above steps.
  • Once you installed, don’t forget to trust enterprise developer from Settings application.
  • Restart your iPhone

If still it is not working, comment below.

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