TikTok: The Best Social Media App For iOS & Android

TikTok++ (iOS & Android) iPhone, iPad

TikTok++ is one of the most requested and demanded app for iOS and Android. Users out there are requesting this app for adding more power to the social media giant.

Tiktok provides smartphone users to share short duration videos on the mobile platform. It works smoothly on Android and iOS users. Almost similar features have been offered on both iOS and Android smartphone. Day by day, Tiktok is getting a massive popularity among smartphone users who love sharing short duration videos.

The variety of features that help video creators to create wonderful short videos. TikTok offers wonderful and unique video editing features such as duet, lip syncing, speed up and down, reaction and one but not least background music.

What is TikTok++?

It is modified and tweaked version of the original. If you’re using TweakBox, you may already know about what is tweaked applications. It simply adds features to the original apps.

TikTok++ offers some premium features for video editing and adds more fun to the original app for free. Most of the time, these tweaked apps haven’t been supported by app stores. Sinse, tweaked apps haven’t been developed by official developers, you won’t find them on official app stores.

Somehow, many users are downloading and installing TikTok++. Today, we’ll see is it possible and how?

How to Download TikTok++ on iOS?

In recent times, we can easily download and install tweaked apps on iOS and Android without jailbreak or root. Simply download APK on Android or install iPA file on iOS will run without jailbreak or root.

Note: I never tried TikTok++ APK on Android. Please wait for the update about it.

To install on iOS, follow below steps…

  1. First download TweakBoxApp. You can alternatively use iTweak.vip app store too.
  2. After successfully installed the app, head to the search feature provided on the app and type “TikTok Plus” or “TikTok++“.
  3. After installation of the modified version of TikTok, you need to restart your smartphone once.


How to Download TikTok++ Using iTweak

TikTok Plus is available on iTweak too. There’s many users out there who have iTweak and they don’t want to install TweakBox. Since, iTweak also has this app, you can use it for downloading and installing your favorite app.

Follow below steps…

  1. First head to iTweak website and install it. If you already have installed it, you can open it.
  2. Search “TikTok“, the result will come up related to it.
  3. Tap on plus version and install it.
  4. Done.

Please note: Your iPhone must have installed stock version of this app from Apple App Store to work this tweaked app properly without any problem.

Please comment below if you’ve any query or TikTok not working with plus plus version.

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