MediaBoxHD: The Best Ever Media Box for Streaming Movies on iOS & Android

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MediaBox app is for Android and iOS that streams HD movies as well as other contents online. Users can download Media Box HD app for iOS and Android smartphone.

There are two ways you can install it on your iPhone. You can follow jailbreak way or just sideload app to your iPhone using iPA file.

What is it for?

What is MediaBox HD?

MediaBox HD app has a lot of cool features that allows users to play movies, TV serials and many other online contents on iOS or Android. Plus, you can stream those contents from your iPhone to TV too. The same thing can be done with Android device to stream content on TV using Media Box HD.

Thank God! This movie streaming app offers “Kids Mode”. There’s many cool settings available on this app that take MediaBoxHD app to the next level. Once you’ll configure it at full glance, you won’t need to look them back before playing new movie every time.

Media Box HD features

Before making any decision for installation or to download this app, you should take a quick look at the features that movie streamer app offers.

  1. You can use Direct Streaming option. Unfortunately, there’s no torrents options.
  2. To stream on TV, Media Box HD offers support to many services like Chromecast, FireStick TV, Wifi Display and many more.
  3. If you like to change themes, this app will give you a cool mood. It has a lot of themes to use as free.
  4. Unlike YouTube or other premium services, MediaBox HD offers free of cost offline movie streaming.
  5. If you don’t like default video player, you can use VLC video player as default one.
  6. Subtitles and all audio tracks are supported.

So now you know that how Media Box works. It has the best and detailed features list. It supports major media files such as MKV, MP4 and many more that can’t be played on some older smartphone and TV. These media player works best if you’ve very old or very new smartphone. It works on iOS seamlessly while Android app is getting massive popularity among APK users. What else you need?

We hadn’t talked about it’s user interface that is really awesome. Every media player app must have cool user interface. Display is the main part where everything depends. You watch movie and if you don’t satisfied with the quality or options for display on that movie, you won’t continue watching.

I personally, hit display settings at first before watching any movie on my smartphone or TV. But now, Media Box has fixed everything for me. I don’t need to configure these settings again and again while watching new movie. MediaBoxHD truly serves high definition content on the go as well as on smart TVs too.

Furthermore, Media Box HD has very nice dark theme. Users are allowed to choose themes between light and dark. So, you will definitely love watching movies at night too using Media play like this.

MediaBoxHD Drawbacks

In general there aren’t any major drawback using the app, however, in free version there are couple of things that I personally don’t like. In basic version, you may be irritate with annoying advertisements.

While if you choose to purchase their premium service that costs $2 per 60 days, then you can get rid of those annoying advertisements. With premium subscription, you’re getting many other features and plans too.

MediaBox IOS

Download Media Box app for iOS

This Media player app is developed by and it officially available on their website. However, you can download it for your iOS powered iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using below method.

First, install TweakBox: The Best Ever Tweaked App Store [No Jailbreak Required]

Once you downloaded Tweak Box, you’re ready to get Media player too. Follow me…

  1. If you’ve configured TweakBox, open it.
  2. Tap on “Search” icon.
  3. Type “Media Box HD” and press enter.
  4. From the result that comes on the page, choose MediaBox HD app.
  5. Tap on Download and then install it.

Done. The simple process can offer you the best ever media player app.

MediaBox HD APK for Android

Download MediaBox APK for Android

Here you need a tweak store. To do you can follow below steps…

Android users, first download Tutuapp APK.

This one apk store can offer you hundreds of apps and tweaks that can’t be available without this. Once you downloaded and installed Tutu app, follow next step.

  1. Open Tutuapp store.
  2. Tap on search after configuring it.
  3. You need to type the app name in the search field. So, type “MediaBox”.
  4. Then choose Media Box HD app from the list of result.
  5. Download and when system ask, install it.


I hope you haven’t made any mistake while following steps.

What Do You Do after Installation?

Once you installed MediaBox HD app, you need to configure it for the first time. During the first time launch, configure theme, display settings, language settings, audio track settings as well as subtitle settings. Also configure smart TV connection, so that you don’t need to configure at the time when you actually want to watch movie.

That’s it. If you wanna know anything regarding Media Box, you can comment below or give us direct feedback.

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