iPhone15 Design Leak: Apple Brings Notchless iDevice 2023


iPhone15, a notchless unique smartphone is coming late 2023. If you’re waiting for the release date, that’s not final yet. But, September, 2023 may be the month where it can launhed in global mkt.

To be true, it is hard core fact for anybody in the world to predict upcoming developements from Apple. Specially in Smartphone, where iPad company is well known for the uncertaintity and new launch of features. iPhone15 is nothing but another era of Notchless design that Apple is bringing.


Even iPhone 15 isn’t the certain name for the upcoming release of Apple iDevice, but for now until we’ve the final release, we’ve no choice but to use this name to reference new Apple iDevice 2023 or we can call it iPhone 2023 or iPhonePro, however Apple is tend to change the names frequently every two years.

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iPhone-15 Features USB-C

We all know how Apple does while adopting new technology. We’re talking about iPhone15 with lightning port whereas iPad Mini has long back released with USB-C. Wired!

Anyways, Apple is said to bring USB-C in iPhone 15. All 4 variants will feature this USB-C to charge the smartphone. According to the leaks, iPhone 2023 features USB-C.

Apple iPhone 5G 2023

Most Android and other devices feature 5G supported devices. Apple is said to bring 5G iPhone 2023.

Many leaks coming regarding 5G support and it is very near to be true.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone15

Technically, there will be huge difference between iPhone15 vs iPhone 14. However, Apple will try to overcome with lightning port, Face ID dependancy, notch and other traditional technical specs.

We must tell you that for sure, price will be more that retail users will have to pay to gain all mentioned features.

2023 iPhone15 Rumors

Other Expectations

Well, there’s many things that can be expected like foldable iPhone 2023, Touch ID may be reintroduced.

What you guys think about iPhone15? What new features and technical specifications you want to see in upcoming new Apple iPhone 15.

Don’t forget to comment your expectations regarding iPhone15.

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