iPhone 2020: Apple Brings More Power to Smaller Screen

iPhone 2020

Apple is releasing more and more new models specially in iPhone series. Somewhere, it looks messy. But, it is Apple and it can do whatever. In 2020, iPhone SE 2 has already been out now. It has some very nice upgrades. Now, we got some very exciting details about iPhone 2021 that we wanna share with you.

2021 iPhone May Bring Touch ID into Power Button

A very trusted source, Ming-Chi Kuo is seen to publish report that Apple is preparing for a new device launch in 2021 having smaller screen with Touch ID into power button. You may already know that Apple had already ditched Touch ID from newer devices. According to this report, Apple will reintroduce it into cutting edge iPhone 2021.

Kuo report adds, Apple want to bring Touch ID back into iPhone any ways. In the first quarter of 2021, we can see another new edge to edge smaller screen phone. Don’t expect high for notch less display, Kuo says further. Here, the makers want to bring old flavour of Touch ID into new devices.

New iPhone SE 3 Arrival

To make price in budget range, Apple will try hard to implement changes according to budget. Instead of OLED display, you may see LCD screen display in new entry level iPhone 2021. Report adds, Apple may code it with the name of iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 3. As this phone will be in budget range, you can expect design similar to SE 2, iPhone8.

Update 02/02/2020: An update has been arrived in this series. MacRumors claimed some more details about it. According to the report, Apple is planning for a mass production. The new iPhone SE 2 (iPhone 9) is being ready for release. According to report, Apple got a hit of approx 10% sales decline due to Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus). The report adds, Apple may lower down stock below than normal level due to mass lock down in major countries.

Update 02/04/2020: Finally, it looks like that Apple is preparing it’s design team to bring back a novel iPhone 2021 in budget price to fight Samsung new Android phones that have Fingerprint sensor in power button. Few Android powered smartphones have been already released with fingerprint sensor in power button and believe me you’ll love to use it in new iPhone 2021.

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