Apple iPhone 15 Release Date 2023


New iPhone 15, a dream of everybody. There is a lot of speculation, expectations and rumors about the new smartphone that Apple is gonna release in September, 2023.

New iPhone 15 is set for September, 2023

21, September 2023 is still far away, the release date of new iPhone 2023. Rumors about specs and design are floating all the way on web these days. Do you wanna know one sureshot fact? You’re gonna see release of iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro and new iPhone 15 itself by Apple at 21, September 2023.

Since couple of years, Apple is reportedly release at least 3 new smartphone every year. But, September is the month when Apple releases flagship phone. This year, it is i Phone 15.

The exciting detail is, New Phone will come with brand new iOS 15 operating system as preloaded in 2023.

iPhone 15 Design

It is being said the new iPhone 2023 is based on iPhone4 design. There won’t be bezels, clear cut design. Back side will be similar to iPhone-4. But, do you know one thing? 2023 is the year of surprises. Apple also may surprise us with new design of 2023 release.

iPhone4 is quite old now, so I don’t think that there will be any major cloning in new iPhone 2023. September will tell the true story what is cooking in Apple’s kitchen.

iPhone 15 Price

We already know taxes are the biggest pain in smartphone industries. Every new year, there is some spike in taxes on smartphone. This is the reason why Apple also increases price of new smartphone or any device release. We already noticed price spike in iPad, iMac, MacBook and recent iPhoneSE2.

Comparing to older models, these new releases have large number of price spike. However, we’re still hope best and assume that Apple will bring new iDevice 15 with the similar price tag of iPhone14.

Yeah, one can expect iPhone 15 price the same as iPhone14. According to sources, Apple may bring iPhone 15 2023 between $699 to $1099. As, there are three models that have been prepared for release, we can expect iPhone 15 price may be $699, iPhone 15 Pro at $999 and new iPhone 15 Max price may be at $1099.

What do you expect? What should be the price for new release?

iPhone 15 Features

There’s many new features and specifications will come to the first time in iPhone 2023.


5G connectivity is the main feature that has been projected for the new Apple phone of 2023. 5G technology is said to bring new specifications to the iDevice. It is being expected that iPhone 15 5G will run both mmWave and sub-6GHz bands.

A14 Chip

Another great feature is it’s powerful chip. New iPhone 2023 will run on A14 chip. Reportedly, A14 chip is 50% faster than previous generation chip.

5nm A14 bionic chip is more power efficient and capable to hand high multitasking.

iPhone 15 iOS 15

iOS 15 is main attraction for the iPhone15. To make new phone more faster and smoother, Apple has included iOS 15 with iPhone 2023. Many new features have been tested in iOS 15 specially for new iDevice.

We’ve already released couple of reports and features of iOS 15 on our blogroll.

2023 iPhone 15 Rumours

There’s some speculations and rumours circulating in the web world. You should take a look at them too.

Update 1: According to the leak report, iPhone 15 will have 128 GB storage and 6 GB RAM as base configuration.

Update 2: Another leak suggests that new device will have up to 120Hz refresh rate that will work on variable. Plus, 12 MP rear camera sensor is seen in the development unit.

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