InjectBox: Another Era of Jailbreak Free Environment

InjectBox is quite similar to iTweak and many other such apps that work on iOS and Android. Inject Box primarily used to download for iOS devices.

What is It?

InjectBox.COM, a recently released website that offers download option of apps and games especially tweaked applications for iPhone and iPad. As I said earlier, it works mostly for iOS devices rather than Android or PC.

It doesn’t based on jailbreak iOS, so if you’re thinking that it is working or released because there is jailbreak for iOS 13.5 or for iOS 14, then you are wrong here. It uses different technique to install app configuration file. It may be iPA files for iOS. Plus, you don’t get Cydia tweaks here at all even after installing InjectBox app on your iPhone or iPad.

Furthermore, anyone having iOS installed can download and install tweaked apps even without jailbreak or Cydia. Even, you don’t need to install Inject Box on your iOS device, you can navigate their website and install the tweaked app configuration files directly.

We’ve seen similar things with too.

What are the popular apps offered by InjectBox?

There are many applications. However, there is many negative comments on YouTube about InjectBox and iTweak, so be careful while selecting such apps to install your favourite tweaks on iOS.

These days, TikTok++ is getting attention. Spotify Premium service hack which is known as Spotify++ is also getting massive popularity.

Other than these, there are many other applications also available on InjectBox that are famous.

How to Install InjectBox? Can we download tweaks without installing Inject Box?

It can be installed very easily, you need to see InjectBox.COM website and download the app directly to your iPhone or any iOS device.

You can install tweaked apps or premium services without installing Inject Box. For this, you can visit their official website and search the app or tweak that you are looking for. After that, just tap that app once and you’ll get instruction.

InjectBox asks you to inject a code to your iOS device. This code is nothing but app configuration file that is similar to TutuApp, AppValley, TweakBox and other such app stores.

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