Resolved: iMessage Waiting For Activation Error

It is really very irritating when something goes wrong and you don’t know how to fix it. Situation get more worse when support documents also can’t help you out. Apple device questions are also falling into this category.

iMessage not working
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This time, iPhone constantly showing iMessage waiting for activation. I did everything to fix iMessage not working and finally could fix it. For my curiosity I tried activating iMessage on my other older iPhone and it was also showing waiting for activation till I followed all best practices. Finally, it also got activated. So, I decided to bring that best practice to activate iMessage and how you can avoid iMessage not working case in best scenario.

What is iMessage Waiting for Activation? Why iPhone keeps saying that?

You may have noticed that I mentioned that I took several steps to fix this issue. I called it best practice. It takes hardly 5 to 10 minutes to fix it so, it worths to try. Even you should know how can you come out from any issue or situation.

When iPhone warns you “iMessage Waiting for Activation“, there may be a solid reason, but to fix that particular problem or conjunction, you have to take several actions and that’s how you can fix that particular issue. You can’t diagnose the exact issue in every case. If iPhone makers had exact reason, it would have already posted an advisory. Simply, they don’t have. So in this case, we must follow best practice.

To understand few conflicts associated with iMessage, you should know couple of things.

iMessage not working

  1. In many cases, it had been observed that iMessage takes up to 24 hours to be activated.
  2. Any form of internet is required. Now, you must have either data network that your cellular company provides or Wi-Fi to activate iMessage.
  3. Your iPhone should have normal SMS service to receive text messages. To activate iMessage, Apple will send you SMS. And once, you will get that SMS, iMessage will be activated.

iMessage Not Working

There’s many other things that also play a vital part in activating iMessage. Let’s look into it.

Wi-Fi or Cellular Data

iMessage works on data network. Whether data comes with Cellular data or Wi-Fi, it needs data. If your Wi-Fi doesn’t work properly or it weak, iMessage won’t work. To fix it, you have to take some steps.

Deactivating and Activating again are a good practice to keep active iMessage. If you run Wi-Fi using router, you can restart Wi-Fi router at regular interval.

If Wi-Fi is not available or Wi-Fi is not a main source of your internet, Cellular data should be intact there. Make sure that cellular data is active and running without any issue.

Also check that iMessage has permission to access Cellular data at maximum level without any restriction.

Airplane Mode

Many of us use Airplane mode. While activating iMessage, you must deactivate or disable Airplane mode.

You can do it several ways. It can be turned off from Settings page. Or, you can switched off it from control centre.

Just make sure that Wi-Fi or Cellular data is running.

Date & Time Must Be Accurate

This is wired, however, it is necessary. Yeah, your iPhone must have configured with correct Data and time. In any case, if your data and time or time zone won’t be correct or accurate, iMessage may give warning of “Waiting for Activation“.

If iMessage is not working, you can check that iPhone or iPad is configured with correct Data & Time or not.

If possible, reconfigure it.

Reboot iPhone

Many times, it had been observed that there’s some unknown glitch that affect iMessage. And accidentally, iMessage says, “waiting for activation”.

Most of the time after restart or reboot of your device those glitch or errors have been gone. Once, you should try it.

Turn Off iMessage and Turn it On

The same there may be some glitch in iMessage itself too. To fix it, you can turn iMessage off and turn it on again. This may fix activation error.

You can do this from Settings app. Open Settings app and head to Messages. You’ll easily notice iMessage settings. Turn it off and then On it. Please take a few seconds before turning it on again.

Sign Out from Apple ID and Sign In it back

I personally found that many times Apple ID creates some issue and makes conflict with other applications that have been associated with Apple ID.

iMessage also uses Apple ID to create your ID and to authenticate personal details. If you’ve not signed in with correct Apple ID or there is any issue related to your Apple ID, you may get iMessage waiting for activation error.

To avoid these kind of error, you are advised to sign out from your current Apple ID and sign in it back after few seconds.

Make sure that you’ve turn the option on for “Use Your Apple ID for iMessage” from Settings app.

Cellular Issues

Is your SMS service running okay? I mean to activate iMessage, you must be able to receive Text message, means SMS.

Since iMessage uses SMS to authenticate personal identity of the user, if you won’t receive it’s notification SMS, you won’t be able to activate this messaging service at all.

Make sure that you’re able to get SMS and it’s notification on your iPhone at accurate time.

Reset Network Settings

Look, this is something that needs your attention. You should be cautious before resetting network or other settings.

However, if you’re not able to find out the exact cause of iMessage not working, you should try resetting all network and other settings from Settings app once as a last step.

This step will do certain changes on your iPhone. It will remove all the current settings related to apps settings, network settings and all other login details. After resetting, you can enter all the details and follow process of activating this messaging service. I’m sure you won’t see iMessage is “waiting for activation” error.

iMessage is Activated!

Congratulations! Yeah, at this moment, your iMessage app is fully activated and you’ll be use it like a pro.

In most cases, I found that users have found this steps useful and you won’t get anything better comparing to these steps and precautions. So, follow them and if you need any further assistance, you can comment below.

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