iOS Allows Installing Apps Without Entering Apple ID Password From Settings

Do you wanna disable password entering each time when you download apps or install it?

For a long, Apple continued allowing iPhone users to download free applications and install them without any need of account password in the past. Later on, iOS maker implemented security features. According to these security features, now, you must fill the password each time when you download free or paid apps from App Store.

These days, when you try to download any app whether it is paid or free, system will force you to enter password. However, there are few options available in the settings app that partially allow iPhone users to skip entering password again and again. Today, I’ll show you that way.

How to Disable Password Input For Downloading Apps

In some way, you can skip entering password each time when you install free apps. But still you need to enter password or use Touch ID to download or install paid apps.

Note: You first need to turn off Touch ID feature before disable password input for free apps. Yeah, you can enable Touch ID too after the process. It will hardly take a minute.

So, turn off Touch ID from Settings app. Head to Settings, go to Touch ID & Passcode section. Turn it off.

  1. Again open Settings of iPhone.
  2. Head to iTunes & App Store.
  3. From iTunes, find out Password section. Tap it.
  4. There’s option of Free Downloads.
  5. There is option for disable password for installing free apps.
  6. Disable passwords.

After following these steps, you can turn on Touch ID back. Plus, you can disable restrictions from Settings app to lower down force of entering Apple ID and Password in many cases.


So, have you tried this options? Tell me what was the exact reason for disabling password during installing apps. Rate this article and give me an idea about future article or to improve this article.

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