Finally, iPhone 15 will have no Notch at all!


Apple iPhone 15 2023 is something that you won’t afford to lose the chance of buying. According to sources, Apple is working on some very exciting features.

Till now, I remember that Apple had released notch the first time ever on iPhone X. It was a huge craze to have such notch on smartphone. At that time, there was huge bezels in top and bottom for every smartphone along with Android. This time, Apple took a lot of time to replace notch like other Android powered smartphone have done.

Since a long Apple was leveraging notch with Face ID, front selfie camera for initial usage. To remove the notch, it was important to make sure that Apple has better plan for iPhone 15 to use FaceID and selfie camera because selfie camera and FaceID became the core of iPhone in this era.

It is really hard to digest the notch that actually getting slightly bigger for all new generation iPhone. iPhone 12 was the example where the notch was slightly bigger than older smartphone released by the company before it.

It will be incorrect if we think that Apple doesn’t want to remove notch. Infact, iPad developer company actually want to remove the notch to complete with the mkt. This is now confirmed by some sources, where it was citing that iPhone15 will be the first phone with notchless design. However, don’t expect high because only high end devices will feature notchless design initially. But yes, with time, iPhone will have no notch at all. Behind the table, many new things will come with latest technology.

Under display Camera And FaceID

iPhone 15 2023 may become a first notchless smartphone from Apple and this is confirmed by Kuo who is well trusted source. Kuo has made many predictions and leaks that came true in the past. According to the source, Apple will replace notch with under display camera and other elements.

A newly published report suggest, a punch hole camera setup will be the new normal for iPhones in between 2023 to 2026. It will be real challenge for Apple to add TrueDepth selfie camera that it usage for current smartphone.

By the way, what you think about punch hole and notchless design for upcoming iPhone 15 2023?


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