How to Remove Downloaded System Update File From iPhone, iPad

System updates consume huge storage on iPhone, iPad and iMac. Sometimes, these unused files can slow down your Apple device. Then, how to get rid of these automatically downloaded System files from iOS or iPadOS.

What is System Software Update?

iOS and iPadOS have an option in settings page that allows system to download future software updates automatically. Now by default, this option allows system to download system update automatically in the background.

So, if you’re not aware or if you haven’t disable this option, system will download all future update on your iPhone storage and alert you to install whenever you want.

Why Software Updates Are Must Have?

System software updates keep your iPhone iOS safe from hackers and gives you faster and feature rich platform. It patches security bugs, software bugs and adds features to the older firmware.

If you regularly update your iOS software, you can be free from hackers as well as you will get quickly new features as soon as Apple releases for your device.

If you’ve older iPhone, still in many cases, you’ll get new software updates for your iPhone or iPad that may be useful for you to keep your device updated with the latest software.

Who Should Remove Downloaded System Software Update?

Now this is the most important part why you should remove software update that has been already downloaded on iPhone? And, who should delete these downloaded files?

Look, the iPhone users, the iPad users and the iPod Touch users who have older devices and don’t have much space for old these files, should clear these files regularly.

Specially, if you’ve 8 GB, 16GB or 32 GB of space on your iPhone, iPad or on iPod Touch, you should delete these automatically downloaded system updates.

How to Delete Software Updates from iPhone, iPad?

Here I’m gonna show you how quickly you can remove Software update files from your device. Take a look below…

  1. First, head to Settings page. Tap on General menu. Choose Storage & iCloud Usage option.
  2. The second thing, you need to do is, Tap on Manage Storage section.
  3. On Manage Storage section, you’ll see many apps that have been already installed on your iPhone or iPad. You need to look for the iOS update such iOS 13.4 or any other similar update. It should be software version.
  4. When you’ll tap on that software update version, a page will be opened in the software update section. You need to tap on Delete Update.Done.

Be sure and disable automatically update software. This way, you’ll get notification for the future software update. If you’re ready to update your iPhone, system will download it otherwise it will be skipped.

You’ll easily save your iPhone storage by downloading only important update files.

Plus, if you are facing low storage warnings, be sure to look at system files or these tutorial and check that your iPhone or iPad has these software update files or not?

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