Apple Allows Users to Create Apple ID Without Credit Card

Create Account without Credit Card
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Do you wanna create Apple ID without credit card? Now, it is possible. Yeah, it is legal. You can easily create Apple account without disclose or link your credit card or debit card at all. No payment relation in create your account on your iPhone or iPad or even MacOS.

Apple ID or account is must to do many things on your iPhone or iPad. It is something similar to your identity. To do anything with Apple, you must have this ID. While downloading apps, music or anything from Apple services, you need it. You wanna contact iPhone makers, you need it. If you wanna use their free Cloud storage, you need Apple ID.

Years ago, it was compulsory to link credit card or any form of payment while creating Apple account. Later on, iOS makers have changed their mind and allowed iPhone users to create account with them without adding credit card or any form of payment.

Millions users world wide don’t have credit card. All of these users can create an Apple ID without a credit card. You can do this on your PC, MacOS, iPadOS or iOS. You can use any device for creating Apple account for free.

Basically, you will be able to do anything with this account as far as free contents are concern. If you’ll try to download or install paid content from Apple services, you’ll be asked to finish payment process. So, if you’ve plan to use this account for just installing free apps, games or things like that then it is okay.

How to Create Apple Account without a Credit Card or Any Form of Payment

You can create an Apple ID on any device you want. You can use PC, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad or iPhone to create account without credit card. Here, I’ve tried to create an account on iPhone, so steps mentioned below are according to that. I’ve used iOS 13.4.1 here. Actually, it won’t impact much, but for information.

  1. Go to Home screen and find out Apple App Store there. Open it.
  2. Search a free app to use in creating account. Tap on any free app and tap on “Free” button located on the app.
  3. Now, tap again on “Install” button. To start download, system will ask you to use existing Apple account or create an Apple ID here.
  4. Account creation process will be started here. Tap on “Create an Apple ID”. And, select your country, then tap “Next“.
  5. Tap on “Agree” button twice for the terms and conditions.
  6. Here you’ll be asked to fill up all the information related for the account creation purpose. Fill it and press next, next. Here, your email must be new and not previously used one.
  7. Attention: This is very important step, Choose “None” in the billing information.
  8. System will confirm your identity by sending a confirmation email to the email that you’ve used while creating Apple ID.
  9. Open that email account and tap on “Verify“. In the email, Apple will send you password.
  10. Use that email address as Apple ID and password from the email and login in to the App Store.

Done. This is how, you’ll create your first Apple ID account without any payment method.

Again, it can be create on any device and platform.


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