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CotoMovies is the best movie download option at the moment until you see better option for free legally for all platform – Android, iOS and Windows or Mac.

CotoMovies is one of the most used movie download website. Millions of users use it as primary movie downloader site. Now, you’ll be surprised and even scared to know that CotoMovies is no more legal contender. Yeah, CotoMovies is declared as illegal website that uploads pirated movies, tv shows and other online contents.

CotoMovies got massive success because some time ago, there was a lack of such websites that gives us such contents. Latest movies and TV shows can be seen directly on cinemas or TV channels. But, now there are a lot of alternatives available to CotoMovies that are even legal too.

So today, we’d show you some of those CotoMovies like websites that will gonna change your daily style of watching movies or other online contents.

What is Coto

Why you should avoid CotoMovies?

Not only CotoMovies, but you should avoid each and every service, app or website that break gov rules and do piracy. This should be our ethics and the moral to promote legal services, apps and sites.

There is no limit of websites that offers new movies releases, tv shows and even a large collection of exclusive content that you’re getting from Coto Movies or any other websites.


Coto Movies Like Sites and Apps

It depends on you what you’re willing to see, however, everything, every content will be available as free or at nominal fee legally. If you’ll see their collection, you’ll forget CotoMovies and all such websites.

Download Tutuapp, try genuine sources.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is available in many countries and in many languages. Do you know, this service is available for free up to first one month. You could try their videos, latest movies and think about it. Amazon Prime Videos are 100% legal and genuine.

With Amazon Prime Videos, you’ll get bunch of other benefits too. So, we think this should be a best choice over CotoMovies in term of legal, latest content, other benefits.



You could choose HotStar too. Similar to Amazon Prime Video, HotStar is also available in many countries. It also offers content for multiple countries.

HotStar is also similar to CotoMovies based on content, but HotStar is legal, genuine and updated regularly with latest content. You can easily found Hollywood, Bollywood and many country’s movies, TV shows, reality shows, sports shows and many more. HotStar comes in different different packages that offers content based on nominal fee.

iFlix App for Android and iOS


iFlix is world famous online content providers. They streams movies, sports and many other contents. You’ll fall in love with iFlix once you use it.

iFlix offers free trial for their users. You can take a trial and once you like it you can go for premium subscription.


So, you noticed few alternatives, apps and websites like CotoMovies. If you’re still using Coto, this is the right time to move on. Minute on minute, Coto owners are sending data to security departments and other officials. Why you wanna put yourself into trouble. All services mentioned here are genuine and legal, so try those legal sources to fulfil your demand. Movie Streaming is not bad, but we should care about piracy and legal terms.

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