Finally, Movies Downloading Website Shutdown

CotoMovies Download

CotoMovies is the website that was offering downloadable content such as movies, web series and many other such contents. It is hard core truth that it is now officially shut down forever.

It is very painful statement on official website, but it is truth too. We’ve covered a detailed article on their service.

Why CotoMovies Shut down or Punished?

Before knowing true reason, you should understand some punishable act that have been imposed by different government authorities of the world.

Coto Movies was involved in Movies and other online content download online service. According to CotoMovies, they never hosted any content on their server, however, they were linking direct download links from other site or a group of websites that offer content download.

Actually, this was also punishable act where you’re not uploading copyright content on your server or any online server and linking those content on your web page to offer download whether free or paid.

We guess this was the reason where CotoMovies was punished and it went offline.

Cotomovies Officially Responded to Public

After they got forced to shut down their website from online server, they’ve come out for the first time and officially said something regarding this incident.

Take a look what they’ve said:

I want to express my sincere regret to the owners of the motion pictures Hellboy and Angel Has Fallen as well as all rights holders for inducing and contributing to copyright infringements by my operation of the app CotoMovies.

With this paragraph, the owner, founder and developer of CotoMovies told to the public that they’re sorry about everything that happened. The owner mentioned two famous movies “HellBoy” and “Angel Has Fallen” in their statement. It seems like because of these two movies, the owner has to face copyright infringements.

From this stressful legal experience, I have learned to appreciate the damage apps such as CotoMovies do to those who invest their time, effort and money to create motion pictures. I now plan to fully respect intellectual property laws and strongly urge those who used my app to use legal apps to watch movies.

According to the owner of CotoMovies, the legal procedure was stressful and very bad experience of his life. He finally learned some lessons to respect copyright contents. During this legal copyright infringement process, he lost a time, money and honour. He advised his app users to use legitimate sources to watch movies, songs and other online contents. Take a look at legitimate CotoMovies Alternatives here.

To this end, I have agreed to transfer to counsel for the rights holders user data and communications under my possession and control so that they can enforce their valuable intellectual property.

At last CotoMovie owner told that he is finally agreed to give all the user data and related information of the users like email, username and other important details that he took while registration to these sites to the authority to stop or control copyright infringement.

What is the lesson we learnt from CotoMovies.COM?

As the lesson, we learned that we should always use legitimate and legal sources to watch movies, listen songs and download contents. We should never download copyright content illegal way.

Since there are bunch of legal sources available for free or freemium, we don’t need to do anything wrong at all.

At last, don’t forget to mention that what’s your call and take on this case study? Do you also have changed your way to look copy right contents? Have you learned anything from this case study? Tell us in the comment section.

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