How to Delete Cache Files on iPhone, iPad

Delete iPhone Cache Files

How to Clear Cache Files from iPhone or iPad – Today, we’ll guide you to perform performance boosting trick that actually make your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch run very fast.

What is Cache File?

If you’re using iPhone or any Apple device, you may have noticed that your Apple device get slower and slower day by day and month by month. You may have never setup auto removal of cache files. These cache files can be a files like iOS images that need to be downloaded to update your iPhone or just WhatsApp junk files that get auto downloaded on may occasions, however, it depends on your own preferences and settings. But at last, we need to remove these cache files from your iPhone.

Guys, if you will remove these cache from iPhone, it can greatly boost your Apple device performance. It can make your device very very fast like a new one. And that’s true!

I did a test on iPod Touch 6th Generation where my iPod was having a lot of junk files including those iOS images that system downloaded to update software. Plus, there were a lot of cache images and videos downloaded by browser. So, I removed all the cache from iPod Touch and could save at least 5GB. The initial storage was 8GB and removed cache files to achieve total 6.9 GB of storage including 5GB cache.

It really helped my iPod Touch to run faster like a new. The same way, new iPhone or iPad can get a lot of free memory and storage by clearing cache.

Let’s clear all the possible cache in iPhone…

Clear Cache from Safari Browser

When you browse a web page on iPhone or iPad, your browser can download various CSS, Images, Videos and a lot of other files during loading that page.

This can be easily perform by configuring settings to remove those Safari cache automatically. If you hadn’t activated that, we’ll remove those files manually.

    1. You need to access Settings of your iPhone. Safari Cache
  1. On Settings page, tap on Safari app. Clear iPhone Safari Cache
  2. Tap on Clear History and Website Data. Clear iPad Cache
  3. When you’ll tap on clear history option, a pop up window will be open for your confirmation. Tap on Clear History and Data on this window.

This trick will remove all unused browser junk files that include browser history, data, cookies that have been stored on your Safari browser from your iPhone.

Note that this will not remove any essential or important files. These files actually need to be removed time to time, but many of us don’t do it.

Delete and Clear App Cache in iPhone

The best idea to remove app cache is Delete and reinstall App. This will reset app and remove all junk files associated with it.

  1. Head to Settings. Go to General. Tap on iPhone Storage. Clear Settings Cache
  2. On iPhone storage settings page, you’ll notice a bunch of applications. Scroll down to that app that consume significant amount of space and storage. If you think that the data stored on that app is junk or not in use, then tap on App. Clear App Cache from iPhone
  3. The next screen of that app will show you multiple options, Tap on Delete App. Note that this will uninstall that app from your iPhone. Later on, you can reinstall it and use like normal without any junk. Delete app junk files
  4. You will get a pop up window that need your confirmation. Tap on Delete app again.

After removal of that app, all the junk files and cache will be removed with that app. Now, head to Apple app store and reinstall that app if you wanna use it again.

Reset iPhone or Format iPad Storage

If you can afford to reset and format iPhone fully, this is the best option to make it like new. I often do this on my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad Air, iPod Touch and iPhone. This is my regular practice. It is true that it consumes a lot of time to format and reinstall specially iMac and MacBook Pro, however, iPhone and iPad format aren’t so hard or time consuming.

You can reset iPhone within few steps and minutes. It is 100% safe and easy.

At last, tell us what are you doing, why you wanna clear cache in iPhone or in other Apple device? Please share your thoughts regarding the process and how can I make it more readable and useful for you in the future.

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