Cercube Brings Video Playing Features to iOS & Android

Cercube iOS app is for downloading YouTube videos easy and convenient way. It is free and available with various third party app stores.

You may have noticed many YouTube video download apps for Windows and MacOS. But what about smartphone? Cercube can be a good option for you to try. It is free, works on non jailbreak devices and seamlessly with stock YouTube app.

What is YouTube downloader?

What is Cercube?

The original Cercube was developed exclusively as Cydia tweak. And you may know that Cydia tweaks work only on jailbroken iPhone and iPad. In short, these tweaks will work only on those devices that have been jailbroken.

Now what happened, developers have find out the way to make these tweaks work without jailbreak as Cydia is no more available for newly released iOS firmware.

So finally, Cercube was updated for the devices that haven’t been jailbroken. You can use third party app stores from various trusted free sources to download this app and make it compatible for your smartphone too.


How to Download Cercube without Jailbreak

As I mentioned above, it works without jailbreak iPhone. Follow me…

  1. You need to install TweakBox in the very first step.
  2. If you’re on this step, it means you’ve successfully downloaded Tweak Box and installed it.
  3. Open Tweak-Box installer and tap on search button. Or you can simply navigate all apps from the menu.
  4. From the search result, you’ll find Cercube app for iOS.
  5. Open it and download it. Once download will be finished, system will ask you to install it.
  6. Confirm installation and complete it.
  7. Done

Look, the same process can be done with Tutuapp too. So, one can follow the same process if you’ve or wanna download Tutu instead of Tweak Box.

How to Download YouTube videos?

What Does Cercube Do?

Below are the functions that this app offers. Interestingly, all of these features you’ll enjoy are integrated with stock YouTube app.


  • All major and most used languages are supported.
  • Users can download YouTube videos, songs in mp3 format.
  • Users are freely able to choose their own resolution, quality and other parameters.
  • YouTube mp3 are fully supported to download.
  • Ultimate sharing options to various other apps and ways.
  • You can save videos and songs to your local music app or Google Play Music.
  • It comes with full integration with YouTube app.
  • Many other hidden features.

There are bunch of other features that actually you may wanted to use. Browse it on TweakBox, where you can see other features too.

Cercube Not Working

Cercube not working?

If Cercube app not working on your smartphone, the first thing that you can do is, report the error log into comment and feedback section. We’ll try address it.

In most and most cases, developer certificate error is responsible. Apple revokes developer certificate in those cases, third party apps do not work properly. Even you can open apps at those time.

Report below.

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