Box Loca: Stream Movies on iPhone for Free Legally

Box Luca

Movie streaming, apps stores and jailbreak tweaks are banned in Apple App Store. iPhone makers have some strict policy over it. They’ve never permitted to host such apps on their App Store.

Somehow, Box Luca iOS app has managed to get listing in Apple App Store legally. Actually, this app is listed under App Store for movie tracking application.

In this listing, app can only track and notify you about new movies or the movies that have been released. Box Luca streams movies that is quite surprising. Till now, it is possible to download and install Box Luca app officially on iPhone from iOS App Store.

Box Luca for iPhone

Many movie streaming apps are popular among iOS and Android users. MediaBox Pro, MovieBox, ShowBox and Box Luca are few of those apps. Only BoxLuca app could get into iOS store for iPhone, iPad for movie streaming.

Box Luca can stream movies for free. One can watch TV serials, famous movies and other sports related videos on the go. It is available as free app on iPhone store that you can use to track movies, tv shows and sports. In reality, users are watching movies and other online contents.

In day to day usage, this app really works great. On iPhone, it works wonderfully. Indeed this app works great, however, I found that the database of movies and other online content on this app are limited. The contents available on LucaBox are really rich in details and quality. Most informations regarding movies and other contents are imported from IMDB. Users are allowed to add movies to watchlist and easily discover their favorite contents within seconds.

How to Use Box Luca iOS app?

It is similar to other media streaming apps such as MovieBox and MediaBox. Box Luca app has clear user interface that allows users to choose movie streaming based on quality of videos such as 480p, 720p or 1080p. 4K video quality is not available on this app yet. The drawback that I found on this app is, you can’t download any content from this app. You just allowed to stream movies.

There is some good things and some bad. Users get day mode and dark mode as well. The bad part is, you’ll have to bear some advertisements before streaming movie every time when you play. Users are allowed to watch remaining movie on Apple TV too.

There is a tricky part too. You need to activate a syncing to service which can be activated from Settings app. You won’t get any notification or future movie notification or updates if you won’t sync to this service. It is free and can be sync via settings after creating account on

How to Download Box Loca

As I mentioned that it is exclusively available on iOS App Store, you can easily download and install it from there for free.

Box Luca App for iOS and Android APK

Follow these steps…

  1. Connect iPhone or iPad to the internet.
  2. Access iOS App Store and tap on search field.
  3. Type “Box Loca” there and tap on enter.
  4. Open it from search and tap on “Install”.
  5. Confirm installation. Learn how to install apps without entering Password.

Done. After downloading and installing, Box Loca app will be appear on home screen.

Do you like it? Are you using BoxLuca App? Share your feedback in the comment section.

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