Apple Brings USB-C Finally to iPhone 15 in 2023

iPhone 15

Apple has taken a great care while introducing first time ever USB-C into iPhone. The 15th Generation iDevice is the new era that will be packed without lightning port finally.

There were rumors that Apple may release it with iPhone 14, but due to some pending work on design, the tech company has finally hinted that iPhone 15 will be device that will surely have USB-C charging and data transfer port.

As we all know, iPad maker company is tend to bring new features after a lot of research. It takes enough time to release stable product rather than testing end user’s money. That’s how these brand estabilishes.

New Leak about USB-C iPhone 15 Updates

If we believe the leaks provided by Ming-Chi-Kuo who is well know source for leaking Apple’s new and upcoming features before company unveiled it. The source explain whole plan that iPad maker company has for USB-C feature for the upcoming iDevice.

If you still unaware with the new iPhone 15 feature list, you should take a look at iPhone15 Design coverage that we’ve conducted execusively. There’s many new features are coming along with USB-C, so you won’t be disappointed with the price and features.

There’s some catch you should know

One thing that we want to add here that you may get disappointed due to the allocation that Apple does while releasing new iDevices. We mean to say that you won’t be able to get front camera under display for all iPhone models.

Yes, only iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max 15th Generation device may have front camera under the desplay. So, if you’re dreaming that the upcoming base model of iPhone 15 will have all these features, you’ll get annoying feelings. But yes, you can get it by paying some premium with iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max series.

What you think about USB-C with iPhone? Do you think, will it add some value to the existing product or you prefer front camera under display as priority.

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