AppCake iOS 14: Download Paid Apps for iPhone, iPad

AppCake doesn’t need any introduction as it is available since 2010 in the iOS family. Jailbreakers are already enjoyed for while and now, it is made available for non jailbreak iOS 14 devices too.

One can download and install unsigned iPA files with this app and this is really very important task to do specially for apps those are not available on iPhone App Store.

So, if you don’t have jailbreak iOS 14, you can download AppCake and install any unsigned premium app for free. Actually, they’ve a store that can be used to find suitable iPhone apps for free quickly.

AppCake! What Can We Do with it?

If you often deal with Cydia Impactor or such apps, then you know how it is difficult to use such installers especially on devices that haven’t jailbroken already.

So what does AppCake do differently if Cydia Impactor already there to do such things smartly??? Actually, Cydia Impactor requires iPA files additionally. Like if you want to install any iPA, you must have downloaded that iPA from external sources.

Whereas, AppCake has their own app store with those iPA files. So, you can just download those iPA from App Cake store and install it within a seconds on the go from your iPhone.

How to Install AppCake on iOS 14

The one thing that is now changed is, you don’t need Cydia to install some side loading app stores. I’m talking about App Cake here. If you’ve iOS 14 and you want to try some exciting premium games, AppCake iOS 14 can be a great tool to try out for free.

It works on Enterprise developer certificate that doesn’t require any limitation. It works smoothly on all older and newer firmware. Just drop a mail on developer site if you’ve any issue or problems coming during installation or apps download.

  1. Use Safari web browser of your iPhone here.
  2. Tap on AppCake download link and open a installation page.
  3. System will ask your action to install AppCake on your iPhone. Confirm installation.
  4. System will install it, and the app icon will become visible to your home screen. Scroll left or right till the last page to access the app.

Note: If possible try to trust the developer certificate before opening it for the first time. It can be done from Settings.

AppCake and Free Apps Store

So, what was your primary purpose to download AppCake? Paid apps may be the reason for you and most of the users download this app to get free apps for their iPhone or iPad.

Okay, AppCake actually built for that.

  • Open Safari and search the iPA file that you wanna install with AppCake.
  • You need to launch that file using AppCake.
  • Sign that iPA file and install.

Ultimately, you can directly go to AppCake store and search the app that you wanna install on your iPhone. iOS App Cake has large number of pre available apps.

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