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Download TweakBox Android and iOS app store from completely at no charge at all. Enjoy endless possibilities of smartphone customisation.

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Large number of games and apps are being updated each and every single day. Forget to pay for premium tweaks of iOS or Android and all of these without any subscription or Vip service payment.

What is Android & iOS Tweaked Apps?

What is it for?

TweakBox is ultimate and last stop destination for Android and iOS users to run tweaked apps, modded applications, tweaked games and all of those unrestricted content without rooting or jailbreaking right way.

Unlike other app stores, Tweak Box Android and iOS app store is getting more frequent updates. We’re getting a huge response from wide range of different different OS users that they’re using and liking this app store more than others.

TweakBox is fairly available for most used operating systems such as for Android, iOS and PC. Yeah, users can access Tweak Box app store on any PC using various web browsers. Users can download this app store on any smartphone with the help of PC by scanning QR code.

Download Tweak BOX APP

Download TweakBox App

As this app store can be installed on Android and iOS, users can scan a QR code to download and install APK or iPA based on their smartphone OS. Below is the standard process to do it.

Download TweakBox app first!

Now, follow below steps…

  1. Jump to
  2. First let the website load completely. Once it get loaded with all contents like images and intro, you’ll notice a noticeable “Install” button.
  3. You must hit that installation button to download configuration installation file on your device.
  4. Once you tap on that installation button, installation will be popped up for your confirmation to install.
  5. Install it and trust the developer profile.

That’s done.

SideloadBox Download

SideloadBox – Side load apps


You may be wonder that what is this Side load Box!!! Actually, there’s story. There were a lot of users who were complaining that TweakBox not working and they’re getting developer error.

However, they were able to side load iPA files that Tweak box provides to install. So, developer of this app store has started Side load Box that can be used as alternative to TweakBox and can be used without installing native app.

Tweak Box Android APK

TweakBox Android Store

There isn’t any official TweakBox Android update available for any Android smartphone in form of APK or anything like that.

But yeah, there are a lot of sites that claiming to have Tweak Box APK for Android. You can find various sites on the web that claiming that.

Now, what you can understand with this? Simply, you must have iOS device in order to run or side load apps developed or hosted by Tweak-Box.

TweakBox Not Working

TweakBox not working?

In many cases, developers have found that Tweak Box not working, not opening app store properly, not installing any app or simply can’t install any app after successful installation of main app.

Tweak Box Not Woking

There’s very simple thing that you can do, you can reinstall the native app provided by official websites. Avoid installing apps offered by any third party websites except officially launched SideloadBox.

One more thing that you can do, regularly check the solution from the comment box where you can get most frequent updates, change log or any new thing that are happening with TweakBoxApp.

Alternative Apps

There are many such alternatives exist here. Take an example of and Panda Helper. AppValley and Tutuapp are also very nice alternatives.

iTweak app store is basically for iPhone and iPad that works wonderfully on iOS. If you wanna Download apps, you should check our detailed article on it first.

10 thoughts on “TweakBox App Store”

  1. Yeah, definitely it offers some incredible apps and games that you can’t install or download with native web browser on iPhone or iPad. Tweak Box is also useful for gamers.

  2. Sir, can we download Tweakbox Android version? I heard that the android version comes from fork developers and not from official one? Do you developers offer Android version too?

    • Yeah, definitely.

      Developers were working hard to develop TweakBox Android version. An APK that will gonna install on any Android smartphone need to be downloaded. It can be done easily via installation page very soon.

      Till then, you can search the development process from this blog. Search the blog for more updated news and progress.

      I hope that this information helped you.

  3. Tweakboxapp is really a wonderful alternative to Cydia these days. I was so frustrated few months back when jailbreak became dead. At least now, I’ve something to use as an alternative to all of those stuff. I agreed that Tweak Box alone is not so capable to load all of those important apps, but I’ve something that is better than nothing!

    • Yeah, definitely it offers some incredible apps and games that you can’t install or download with native web browser on iPhone or iPad. Tweak Box is also useful for gamers.

    • Don’t do anything, just head to the download section which is placed on install page of TweakBox. Just go there and follow some very simple defined steps that will lead you to install the app that you want.

      I hope that this would fix all your problem.


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